Thursday, February 14, 2008

A gift in the mail...

Yesterday I found a CD in my mail box from Chuck Beaty. To my great surprise it contained video footage from Japan's testing of the Autogiro ( Autogyro ) during the second world war.

Footage appears to include:

Kellett KD-1A operating off of the Akitsu Maru Carrier in the Sea of Japan

Kayaba Ka-1a flight testing

Kayaba Ka-2 Flight Testing

A good companion to this video clip is:

Pages 207-210 in Chapter 10, The Autogiro Goes to War: The Axis

in From Autogiro to Gyroplane,
The Amazing Survival of an Aviation Technology
by Bruce Charnov

Some of these little puppies were fitted with 132-pound depth charges for submarine hunting duties....

About 95 Japanese Autogiros were produced, all variants of the Kellett.

One was fitted with experimental rocket-powered rotor blades. Small solid-fuel rockets at the rotor tips over-speed the rotors for jump-take off.

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