Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Favorate Photos of 2007

Photo Post

Being winter I have not had the opportunity to take many photos so far this year. I did get some great winter photos last year but so far by the time the week end comes the beautiful snowscapes have turned into slush.

What I will do in this post is a retrospect of some of my favorite photos of 2007.
I am finding that uploading photos to this blog site is a real pain in the butt. Even though the insert cursor is place at the end of the text window (or anywhere else) the photos when uploaded appear at the top of the window and all of the text in the editor is displaced and re-arranged. Very annoying!

This photo is of Balluminaria held at Eden Park in Cincinnati Ohio.
The tethered hot air balloons light up to music next to mirror lake (that is actually it's name).

Ironically, this photo took 1st place in the prestigious AVWeb photo contest. I say ironically because I have been submitting photos of my gyroplane flights to AVWeb for a number of years (and taken runner up almost a dozen times). This was the first and only non-gyroplane photo I submitted and it took 1st place.

This photo shows the tyre of my autogyro as I pass over a park that is giving static line balloon rides.

The Jolly Green Giant's Basket?
This strange sight is actually the factory and office building of a basket making company. My friend Ed Newbold introduced me to it. You can see it clearly between two hills over ten miles away from Newark Ohio's airport.

This picture was taken flying over East Fork Lake during the late summer drought. You can see what looks like a beach going around the lake shore. That is actually exposed mud from the receding shoreline. The boatramp is almost out of the water and the island is now connected to the shore.

Not a very scenic photo but this photo reminds me of what gyro flying is all about. Low and slow, safely and with extreme maneuverability.
This is the scene a few moments later as I cross the tree line.

You see lots of stuff in back yards around southern Ohio. This one in particular had a great assortment of vintage cars.

These are the smoke stacks of a power plant on the Ohio River. On a trip to Lee Bottom one morning the ground fog covered the river and made a strange mystical landscape.

This is another morning shot of mystic ground fog.

A late fall sunset over East Fork Lake.
Now arriving at Lee Bottom the ground fog starts to clear from the Ohio River
A sunset tail shot from my Twinstarr Autogyro.

This is the I-71 bridge over the Little Miami River. This photo won best of category and is currently displayed at the Dayton Art Institute and the Cincinnati Museum Center.

I love those ground fog photos!
This mid-summer photograph was taken while following the Little Miami River
Late fall, the leaves are down and things are grey around Clermont County Ohio.
The shadow of my autogyro on the trees as I pass over...

Pristine snow on the farm fields of early 2007. Rick Markle is piloting my autogyro as I take photos from the back seat.
This is an old southern mansion near Baton Rouge. My friend Rudy took me for a tour in his gyroplane when I was down there on business teaching. It was great to see new terrain and to get to fly while out of town.
I have been boating and flying over the Ohio River for decades and NEVER have I seen the river as calm and placid as I did this day. The river was like a great glass mirror, still and unrippled.

I did not take this photo. It was sent to me by my friend Doug Gaudette. It is a stylized shot of me and my Twinstarr.
This is the private GE airport and Jet Engine testing lab in Southern Ohio.
A tail shot of my gyro while flying the farmland in the spring.
The terrain is rough and dangerous to fly over on the way to Portsmouth Ohio so you have to get some altitude to be safe. Here you can see I am approaching some scattered clouds.
This little plot is a graveyard in the middle of miles and miles of farmland in central Ohio. This small plot is likely the only undamaged original earth for several square miles.

Here I can get low on the trip to Portsmith as there are some fields to land in.
Bridge Out!

This is a photo of the Great Miami River west of Cincinnati Ohio.

This will be the last photo of this post.
If you look closely you can see a turkey buzzard flying over the trees.
It may seem like an easy task to take photos of large birds while flying but it is not so. They are quick and difficult to photograph without a zoom lens.

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